I am deeply passionate about sharing what I have learned in my career with others and developing the creative financial minds of tomorrow’s business leaders.

c. lorenzo evans iii

C. Lorenzo Evans III

C. Lorenzo Evans III

Founder & Chief Consultant

A visionary financial professional with a deep passion for strengthening the business acumen of entrepreneurs, professionals and those interested in expanding their financial knowledge.

With over 15 years of finance and business operations experience and extensive education in business administration, C. Lorenzo Evans’ consulting work focuses his wealth of experience on increasing the overall knowledge and understanding of financial planning and best practices implementation.

As a business executive, Mr. Evans has had a transformative impact on the financial and business operations of such organizations as the Smithsonian Institution, the University of Maryland (Clarice Smith Center), Washington Performing Arts Society, and a host of other organizations.

Alongside his executive career, Mr. Evans is also a university professor that has developed and deployed curricula for American University, and National Arts Strategies (in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania).

Driven by the simple concept that “there’s money in and there’s money out,” Mr. Evans has built a strong framework for financial literacy that has equipped his clients, students, and colleagues with strong financial knowledge.


Kara Jenelle Wade
Creative Content Consultant

Kara Jenelle Wade is a dynamic creative director who has taken the entertainment industry by storm with millions of YouTube views and her work with such artists and corporations as NIKE, Advil, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, and a host of others. Earning her Masters of Fine Arts from UCLA, Kara Jenelle Wade is the proud founder of nationally recognized fraternity Delta Chi Xi, and creative consulting firm Kaliba Jah Creative Collective. Kara has partnered with CLE Business Services to curate and deliver the firm’s creative content, marketing, and public relations activities.

Kristin E. Murphy, MBA, CPA
Accounting Consultant

Kristin E. Murphy is an accounting and finance professional with a focus on auditing, compliance, and fraud risk management. In her over 20-year career, Kristin has led thecompliance and anti-fraud divisions of the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board. Kristin has also led and conducted performance audits and internal audits for multi-million-dollar organizations in the federal, private, and non-profit sectors. As the Accounting Consultant for CLE Business Services, Kristin delivers expert accounting, tax, fraud risk, compliance, and strategic financial management advice to clients, alongside preparing comprehensive research to support company recommendations and client deliverables.

Karin Hong, SHRM-SCP
Project Consultant

Karin Hong is a finance and administration executive with expertise in accounting/finance, organizational planning/development, and human resources management. Karin has led the reorganization and administrative advancement of such organizations as Washington Performing Arts Society, Casey Trees, and More Business Solutions. With a focus on comprehensive research, business resource alignment, and informed technical analysis, Karin has implemented lasting change within the organizations that she has engaged with. As the Project Consultant for CLE Business Services, Karin leads client research, data-gathering, administration, and strategic planning support.

Sahil Patel
Research Consultant

Sahil Patel is a University of Maryland College Park graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics. Sahil is a dynamic thought-partner with a talent for business development and research-backed support for conclusions and recommendations. With a major in Economics, Sahil has served as a business liaison with The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, and Heat Dance. Sahil has also served in various roles at Cecil College and in the hospitality industry. As the Research Consultant for CLE Business Services, Sahil conducts assigned client research, and provides business management recommendations, and project administration services as needed.

Sanai Sanaullah, CAIA, CFA
Research & Administration Consultant

Sanai Sanaullah is a finance and accounting executive that has built his career producing industry-leading research and analysis for such organizations as the University of London, DePaul University, and Goldman Sachs. With certifications from the CFA Institute (CFA), and the Chartered Alternative Investment Analysis Association (CAIA), Sanai delivers expert research and analysis for CLE Business Services client projects and publishing initiatives.‍‍

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